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for The New York Times: Safety Nets That Sustain Community
josé a. alvarado jr.
Dec 15, 2021
Location: Queens, New York
Jaclyn Terrasi, who lives nearby, had sporadically turned to the pantry when she and her daughter, Giovanna, were short on food. But when she quit her job as a marketing coordinator at a construction company in September 2020 in order to help Giovanna with remote school, their needs became greater.

“Things were tight,” Ms. Terrasi said. “It helps so much.”

At the food bank, Ms. Terrasi, 37, has been able to stock up on basics, and she got frozen pizza and chicken wings for Giovanna’s birthday party, when she turned 7 in August.

Ms. Terrasi said a staff member sometimes even let her know if extra peppers, cucumbers or carrots were available for her guinea pig, Rainbow.

“People truly want to help, which is nice and refreshing,” Ms. Terrasi said. “It really helps my daughter and I get through tough times.”

Photographed for The New York Times, with words by Emma Grillo and Kristen Bayrakdarian.
Safety Nets That Sustain Community
Grants provided support for organizations building out health initiatives, buoying Latino nonprofits and making sure New Yorkers are nourished.


José A. Alvarado Jr. is a visual storyteller devoted to documenting cultural and social issues, as well as human interest stories in the US and Puerto Rico.
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