A Bazaar Night in Flushing Queens

     I traveled to Flushing, Queens on an empty stomach and slight headache. I had an odd rational that going to a giant public market in NYC would lead to my belly being full and help ease away my headache. The New York Hall of Science was the destination and the food could be smelt from blocks away. 

     The food stands were packed with lines creating its own bazaar fun house-esque atmosphere. Its wall consisted of bodies bouncing off bodies and the sound of children's laughter echoing above the average height of the crowd. The large crowds made it hard for me to enjoy the meals that were producing all the smells in the air. My night wasn't a total loss, even though I wasn't able to eat some of the delicious jerk chicken or elotes being grilled in front of me I was able to capture some interesting expressions from the crowd. 

     I look forward to attending another night this summer. I am determined to get my hands on some of the delicious entrées, and the people watching is one of the best in NYC. If you're a street photographer, this is a must do. Until next time!