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for L'OBS Magazine: Navi Radjou: "The big change of tomorrow will be to reconnect your mind with your body
josé a. alvarado jr.
Jun 3, 2021
By his slight accent, he is assumed to be American, especially since he is moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan (New York), but Navi Radjou is indeed French - Franco-American to be exact. Born in Pondicherry, a former French counter, he studied at the Ecole Centrale Paris, before flying to the United States, where he thinks about the prestigious Yale University. Since then, Navi Radjou has championed “frugality”. “A business can do better by spending less material resources, less energy, and therefore less money,” he says. It's about being thrifty and economical. "A new approach to innovation that he promotes under the pretty name of" jugaad "(Hindi word for" resourcefulness ") during multiple conferences (including TED), at the English University of Cambridge, where he teaches, and during interventions in large groups (Microsoft, IBM, Procter & Gamble, Fujitsu, General Motors, Air Liquide, SNCF, etc.). His quest for frugality is set to expand further in a new book, devoted to the concept of the future of a "conscious society," which he envisions for 2049.

Photographed for L’OBS Magazine with words and interview by Boris Manenti and Dominique Nora.

Navi Radjou : « Le grand changement de demain sera de reconnecter son esprit avec son corps »
BIENVENUE EN 2049. Consultant en stratégie et théoricien de l’innovation frugale, il développe son concept pour imaginer une « société consciente » pour l’avenir. Il s’explique.


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