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Birdcamp Could Close. People Are Panicking`
josé a. alvarado jr.
Feb 4, 2020
Location: New York City
Justin Marshall receives a small beak-bump from his ever engaging and comical Quaker Parrot, Chicken, in the Crown Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn for @nytimes . Amongst the bustling streets of Manhattan's Turtle Bay neighborhood, sits Birdcamp, a small intimate bird store specializing in lodging the various feathered friends of locals in New York City. The railroad-style store whose walls are usually filled with the chatter of birds imitating doorbells, chirps, and squawks is oddly silent as the shop's co-owner Rosalee Gibson has decided to take a break from running the "sleep-away camp" after eighteen years. The news comes just before Thanksgiving, leaving many owners that have grown fond of the shop such as writer and editorial consultant, Justin Marshall, to find other alternatives for boarding his Quaker Parrot, Chicken.

Birdcamp Could Close. People Are Panicking
“The bottom of my stomach fell out,” one bird owner said of the news. “Not many people will take a Macaw.”


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